Intermol 728

Rim Mounting Lubricant.

The automotive industry requires a tire that is free of vibration, noise, imbalance, side traction, irregular and excessive wear. The tire must come out perfectly round and homogeneous - high degree of uniformity. For these reasons there are different characteristics of uniformity that must be measurable: radial and axial forces, radial and axial geometric irregularities and taper. To obtain the best possible results in conjunction with the uniformity machines, it is necessary to choose the right lubricant.



Type: Lubricant
Color: Transparent


Specific Gravity: 1.0
Base: Water
Shelf Life: 12 months
Temperature Range: 80°C to 240°C


Silicon free.

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For uniformity measuring machines, balancing machines and tire assembly.


Fill the lubricant container for the uniforming machine and verify that the applicator is free of residue and other contaminants.

To obtain an optimum sliding, a thin film must be applied without puddles or drips, which can be applied with a gun, brush, sponge or roller on the inner eyebrow of the tire.

It does not contain solvents or silicones, since it is water based it evaporates in a couple of minutes although the lubricant film continues working.


Avoid contact with moisture or water during product use and storage. This can affect the efficiency of the product, as well as exposure to low temperatures.


Biodegradable Surface Cleaner.

Intermol Bio Cleaner



Best Practices in the dosage of Release Agent.

Pressurized Tanks and Spray Guns.