Intermol 820 P Spray

Solvent-based mold release agent for plastic injection.

Intermol 820 P Spray is a paintable ("sticky") mold release agent for plastic injection. Forms a fast drying, transparent dry film that, unlike traditional silicone release agents, guarantees multiple releases per application and does not affect subsequent painting or bonding processes.



Type: Mold Release Agent
Color: Translucent


Specific Gravity: 0.7
Base: Solvent
Shelf Life: 12 months
Temperature Range: 20°C to 180°C

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Intermol 820 P Spray is specially designed as a dry film mold release agent for plastic parts and thermosetting resins. It is highly recommended for the automotive industry, where the use of silicone is not desirable since our release forms a semi-permanent dry film that does not migrate to the surface of the part being released. It can also be used as a mold protector.


Shake the product before use.

The parts to be sprayed should be at a distance of approximately 20 to 25cm.

The surface to be lubricated should have a temperature lower than 180°C.

It is recommended to cure the mold by applying release agent to the first three pieces.

After the mold has been sealed (cured), only apply a coat of release agent when required.

Do not over apply. Excess release agent does not improve the release effect, but can stain the part.


Pressure container, do not subject to temperatures higher than 50ºC.

Do not puncture or burn after use.



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